I Need The Facts About Genital Herpes, Is It True It Can Turn Out To Aids?

what can i do to make my genital herpes less worse?
i know the fact ill have it for lifetime and cant cure it.
i wanna make it less harmful for my body.
and my immune system.
pls help about this matter. and what will happen if i didnt take those medications?

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2 Responses to “I Need The Facts About Genital Herpes, Is It True It Can Turn Out To Aids?”

  1. Lila Says:

    Don’t worry about the herpes turning into Aids this doesn’t happen. You have to actually have a sexual encounter with someone with HIV or Aids for this to happen. I am sorry that you have contracted Genital Herpes. You would be in a lot of trouble and pain if you don’t take the medicine prescribed for you. Your outbreaks would be much more often and more painful. To get any information that you want about Genital Herpes you can go to webmd.com. You have to learn all of the facts and how to prevent a partner from contracting it. You will learn everything you need on webmd.com

  2. Leo Jen Says:

    Sweetheart any std can make it easier for you to catch aids. That’s why it important, to be honest with your partner. Try to think stress free. I havene’t had an outbreak in 3years and I live a stress free life. Had my daughter natural and was a perfect birth. It is not the end of the world. It just wings the people that don’t really give a damn about you out of your life. Having this disease has shown who trully cares and love me. My boyfriend love me and he does not have the disease and we have been together for 4years.

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