How Do I Get Rid Of Plantar Warts Between My Toes?

I assume it’s a plantars wart. They are so small and I can hardly see them, but they cause me intense pain when I walk. It’s a small little dot and doesn’t look anything like the pictures online. If I touch it, it feels like a bump. They are on 4 of my toes (2 on each foot) and I believe they are warts because each little painful dot is touching other. Any recomendations on a good treatment?

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    There is a natural wart remover called dermatend.
    You can use it at home.
    It will make the wart turn into a scab and then fall off leaving fresh skin underneath.
    Warts are viral though, so you should not only treat the sympton, but also the cause.
    Dermatend also sells a natural immune booster that helps when taken with dermatend. This way, you will not only remove that wart, but will not get new ones.
    You can read about it more on a website I have created.
    (I used it for a mole and skin tag and it worked great. works on all 3 blemishes)

  2. $~*~ Mysterious Charli Girl ~*~$ Says:

    my plantars wart was tiny and on the inside of my toe, i tryed a $30 wart treatment, and it still didn’t work. never use medication, always use home remedies. so i read in national geographic, that if you use the plush side of a banana peel, and tape it on your wart, and leave it on for 15 minutes or less every other day, then it dissappears. that’s what i did it was magic, it was gone the next week. i am seriously telling you it’s amazing!

  3. Lois Says:

    I understand that Liquid Chlorophyll will help to get rid of warts of all kinds. Take internally and I believe that you can actually put it directly on the warts too. I think this might be better than having them burned off at the Drs office. I saw this in the book: Natual Healing by Dr. Balch. Great book for using herbs and natural medicine. Good luck!!

  4. thisissi Says:

    My husband had three on his foot that would not go away with the over the counter methods. We tried the duct tape and it really worked. Just cut a small amount to cover the wart, replace it when it falls off. It sounds crazy, but it really works!

  5. Holy_Ang Says:

    Plantar Wart removal information
    Plantar warts are hyperkeratotic lesions on the plantar surface of the foot. Though they can appear anywhere on the skin, strictly speaking, plantar warts are those only on the sole of the foot. The wart virus may often spread to the toes.
    fisheye wart
    “Fisheye” on the heel
    A plantar wart located on the heel of the foot is also referred to as a “fisheye”. This is because a plantar wart on the heel resembles a fish’s eye, due to the corneally-shaped, separated skin caused by repetitive force of body weight (walking, standing, jumping) on the hardened dermal layers of the heel.
    plantar warts
    Multiple Plantar and Mosaic Warts
    Plantar warts are often initially misdiagnosed in the early stages of development. Often times, it resembles a callous or a small patch of rough hardened skin.
    In time, the plantar wart becomes larger and can become painful when pressure is applied.
    Plantar warts typically exhibit small black specks on the surface, which are blood vessel capillaries that are the string of nourishment for the wart. Multiple black specks (medical term: rete venous pegs) are common. The plantar wart virus can become very contagious, and can spread quickly to other parts of the foot.
    Traditional remedies include surgery, or freezing of the plantar wart by a doctor. However, there are many reported cases in which the plantar warts return soon after treatment.
    Recently, an alternative non-evasive technique utilizing duct tape together with topical photolytic sulfur and/or salicylic acid has been published (R. Reynolds et al).
    Two trials comparing cryotherapy with salicylic acid and one comparing duct tape with cryotherapy showed no significant difference in efficacy, although the duct tape method study was not specific as to technique and apparently did not use topical keratolytics such as sulfur and/or salicylic acid together with duct tape treatment in their study.

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  8. Ave Says:

    I just went to the dermatologist and it has been so painful since they froze it off. Mine is between my fourth and baby toe and my dermatologist said located there is much more difficult to treat I personally didn’t try any remedies but it’s been a week and my toe is not better yet, but seems to be healing.

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