Can You Give Yourself Genital Herpes?

Is it possible to give yourself genital herpes by touching a sore (a fever blister or a cold sore) on your mouth and then touching your genitals?
And if it is, why don’t doctors warn patients about it? It seems like a pretty easy way to give herpes to yourself.

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9 Responses to “Can You Give Yourself Genital Herpes?”

  1. mutherlu Says:

    I am amazed in the lack of knowledge when it comes to this!
    First of all type 1 & 2 are almost the exact same thing. 30% of genital herpes cases ARE type 1.
    Yes, you can spread it by touching the sore and then touching your genitals. This is especially so if it is your first outbreak. After that, your body has developed antibodies that help prevent it from spreading to another area.
    PLEASE KEEP IN MIND!! That if you have EVER had a cold sore you can spread it to another person’s genitals during oral sex. You do not need to have a sore to spread it. Once you have herpes you always have it and will always have the possiblity of spreading it.

  2. inquiryg Says:

    Oral herpes and genital herpes are not the same thing, though they are both in the herpes family. Oral herpes can spread through kissing and genital herpes can be spread by contact of genitals to someone elses genitals. You can not give yourself genital herpes by touching a sore on your lip and touching your genitals so don’t worry. Hope this helps.

  3. Bunnie R Says:

    It is not possible to give genital herpes to yourself by touching a cold sore and then touching yourself. What is typically described as genital herpes is HSV type 2, A cold sore is typically HSV type 1. now….while you can not give yourself type 2 if you have type 1 and you touch it…you CAN give yourself HSV type 1 in the genital area. Similarly if you engage in oral sex with someone with an active outbreak of HSV type 2, it is possible to get HSV type 2 in your mouth. These instances are rare however so if you don’t have and lesions, I wouldn’t worrry too much about it.
    If you do have lesions or you are very worried, I would suggest a blood test provided by your doctor. Make sure it is an IgG test to determine type. This will test for the antibodies that your body produces when you have HSV and it will let you know if you have type 1 or type 2.

  4. poshbaby Says:

    nope, because in order for genital herpes to be active, there has to be a carrier of the virus. also, genital herpes and herpes simplex are have different strains to them.

  5. meamom04 Says:

    oral herpes and genital herpes ARE exactly the same thing. the only difference is the place on the body. you can get herpes anywhere… you hands, back, eyes, feet. etc. anywhere

  6. Starlyn Says:

    Good point! It can definitely spread from mouth to genital area. We see that herpes simplex 1 more likely infects the mouth, and when it does it has more frequent outbreaks than when it infects the genital area, and vice versa for herpes simplex 2, but there is a great overlap and each can infect the sites that they’re theoretically not supposed to infect.

  7. ? Says:

    You CAN give yourself herpes in the genital area by touching a cold sore and then touching the genital area. People can have herpes 1 or herpes 11 on the mouth and genitals. "

  8. Dawnita Says:

    you can trasmit herpes simplex 1 to your vaginal area or penis yes. You can also trasnmit it to your nose and eyes.

  9. silksilk Says:

    Genital and oral herpes are actually one in the same thing. Yes there are 2 strains of the virus. Type 1 typically occurs around the mouth while type 2 typically occurs in the genital region. HOWEVER type 1 can and does exist in the genital region – I am a walking example of that. Type 1 is typically spread via kissing but can be spread to the genital region via oral sex.
    It isn’t common, but you can spread the virus that you have to other areas of your own body. I know a case of a guy who had herpes, touched inside his nose area and now gets outbreaks in and around that region.
    Observe basic hygiene to minimise the risk of it spreading – if you touch the area infected by the virus, wash your hands afterwards.
    silksilksilk "

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