Can The Genital Herpes Virus Remain Dormant For More Than 30 Years?

My wife and I have been married for 32 years; I am 58, she is 56. I have been completely faithful during the 32 years and she says she has as well. I want to believe her and there is no reason why I should not.. Unfortunately, our relationship has been dealt a serious blow; she recently developed genital herpes. She claims it is impossible because she has never been sexual with another man. Could there be another explanation? She has been such a trustworthy and honorable person during our time together.

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27 Responses to “Can The Genital Herpes Virus Remain Dormant For More Than 30 Years?”

  1. Julie R Says:

    I would be much more willing to trust my wife than people on yahoo. i do believe that you can have it for many, many years and not show symptoms. if you ever have cold sores, you can transmit them to her genitally. trust your intuition. if you have no reason to doubt her, why would you? herpes is hard enough without your spouse doubting you. good luck.

  2. LINDSEY S Says:

    herpes can lie dormant for long periods of time but i doubt that it can lie dormant for that long. herpes usually shows up a month or so after being with a person who has herpes, but some times it can take longer to show symptoms. if she has had sex with no other man, not even oral sex then sorry but, there is a strong possibility that she could have gotten this from u. genital herpes is usually passed during sexual activity. also symptoms can be so mild that u don’t even realize u have herpes. u should get tested for herpes just to make sure if this did or didn’t come from u.
    i’m sure i got herpes from my boy friend since he was the only one i have been with for the last 3 years. we are committed to each other and living together. when i got an out break he got tested and turns out that he has herpes too.

  3. Mignon F Says:

    I’ve never known it to be dormant for that many years. I would like to think she’s been misdiagnosed. You’ve asked the question here, why not call the doctor and get the professional answer you need. You can also check out website’s where research has been done to find out about genital herpes. Good luck with your marriage and make an appointment to have yourself checked when you call the doc.

  4. gina w Says:

    yes i believe that, I worked for a gynecologist for about 10 year before. we had a patient that came into our office for a problem that turned out to be herpes. she had been married for around 15 years and was sure there was no cheating from either partner. the doctor told her that the infection could have been dormant for many years and there was no way to pin point the initial time she got it. its a virus just like HIV and it is also capable of laying dormant for many years.
    if you believe her and your marriage has been honorable, why question it. 32 yrs is surely something to be proud of and not worth losing now!!

  5. annjilen Says:

    oh mr. herpes will show his ugly head before 30 years ashly it shows his head not to long after contact.the only way you can get genital herpes virus is through sexual contact iam not asking you to believe me are trust me.a sexual act took place,i don,t know when are where she got herpes from not a toliet seat sorry. do research on google about it then see your doctor to see do you have it.there are two types of hsv-1 hsv2 most genital herpes infections are caused by hsv-2 hsv-1 is the usual cause of what most people call (fever blisters) in and around the mouth can be tranmitted from person to person through kissing the virus look the same.3-7 days skin to skin contact. look for yourself "

  6. Kaden's Mom Says:

    its possible but VERY VERY SLIM!!!!
    I would seriously do some questioning.
    I do know it can lay dormat for really long time, you can carry it and NEVER show any signs, or they can be internal so you aren;t even aware you have it until it magically one morning TA DA!!
    So question your wife, and question your doc, alot of times they leave scars (like acne) only on your insides, a gyno could tell this most often. However, be open with your wife, and love her and yourself through it. 32 years is long time to throw out the window over something that could have happened long ago.

  7. sexylilm Says:

    Although uncommon nothing is impossible. Although rare it is possible to get if someone used a restroom with an open wound and then she sat on that blood right after. But that is very rare. If it were me I would be looking at infidelity also but definitely take her in with you and consult a doctor on these questions!! Are you sure it is herpes and not like acne from ingrown hairs from shaving??

  8. just me Says:

    I think you should trust her. Did you know that 1 and 5 people have it, but about 90 percent do not know that they have it. It is very possible for it to stay dormant for that amount of time. That is the reason that it keeps spreading. That is why the doctors say it is sometimes hard to figure out who you got it from. IT CAN STAY DORMANT… FOREVER. Is it possible that your wife has been under a lot of stress or sick? If so, then that could be the reason why she all of a sudden had an outbreak.

  9. Sarah C Says:

    I do not know the answer but my advice is to not consult the people at Yahoo answers about something so serious. Consult a doctor about the potential ways she could have contracted the virus. If it appears fishy, you’ll likely next consult a marriage counselor. Best of luck to you

  10. beautifu Says:

    theres three ways she could have gotten it either a toilet seat, or using someone elses wet towel and she did’t know that the other person was infected, or she is cheating on you …..

  11. ? Says:

    I would trust your wife but ask a doctor if it’s possible to make sure.

  12. wifeyx0 Says:

    She may have got it somewhere else..A toilet seat maybe

  13. mykes_ Says:

    No it’s just not possible. I’m sorry.
    Sex is not the only way she could have gotten it though.

  14. kcdude Says:

    Sounds fishy, but maybe…sorry.

  15. chocula Says:

    I would check webmd, but I doubt you can catch it any other way than contact. Oral sex, maybe?

  16. susieQcl Says:

    I think this was a “House” episode….and yes there was cheating…..

  17. sufferin Says:

    not normally more than 2 years, your wife’s playing you for a chump

  18. Anonymous Says:

    sorry man lol , she cheated on you ….

  19. swooooth Says:

    once you have it it never goes away, like aids. good luck!

  20. Tsunami Says:

    yes it could be dormat and that could have happened shes probably telling the Truth. there is no reason to lie and i am wondering are you not trust in her? could it be you tell me you have don’t no one before you married her? so fess up and i am sure it was like that. there are this thing that can get anyone anytime. its even ont v commercials.

  21. Doc Says:

    I am a doctor and there are studies showing how HPV virus stay dormant for prolong time and clinically I have seen this . One example I remember vividly , a patient of mine , widow for 18 years , sexually inactive for the same time , came to see me quite distressed with genital warts. She knew her husband was unfaithful , but he was dead for at least 18 years !!! She certainly caught from him … when he was alive , at least 18 years prior ! So , do not throw your relationship away , do not loose your trust …. there is no scientific basis for it and you have LONG HISTORY together . Support her , that is what she needs the most know. All the best.

  22. Sarah Says:

    I was diagnosed with herpes just last week. I have been faithful to my husband of 28 years and he has to me. We have a wonderful marriage and he doesn’t believe this can be herpes. My first blood test came back negative and the herpes medication is not even effecting this and it has been almost 2 weeks. But I don’t know what else it could be. I just know that I have been faithful and to read that some of you are saying this woman cheated really breaks my heart. You just never know. If this had never happened to me I never would have believed it.

  23. blissful Says:

    i want to commit suiside,i was told that i have hereps and me and my husband are faithful for at least thje last 10 years were did it come from.

  24. confused Says:

    @blissful: I am in the same boat as you. I was just diagnosed with HSV2 after my first outbreak – told by my doctor the only conclusion I could come to is that my husband of 10 years must have cheated. He absolutely swears he didn’t. He is getting tested today and I am having my test done again. Could the test be wrong? Or could one of us have had it dormant for 12 plus years? From the research I am seeing – it could be either.

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