Can A Person Still Contract Oral Herpes From Someone Who Has Genital Herpes By Kissing?

I understand that a person can contract oral herpes by having ral sex but i wanted to know if youcan contract it by kissing someone who has genital herpes not oral/

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26 Responses to “Can A Person Still Contract Oral Herpes From Someone Who Has Genital Herpes By Kissing?”

  1. Angely Says:

    I beg to differ
    Although Herpes is herpes no matter how you say it. The only difference is where you have it
    But in order for you to catch herpes just from kissing someone, you have to literally swallow about 1 gallon of there saliva
    However, if you have oral sex then you will for sure catch it
    Please contact me with any further questions

  2. conor Says:

    No. But are you sure they don’t have oral herpes as well? Are you even sure they have genital herpes? These are all questions you should ask someone you’re planning on getting serious with.

  3. Mielu istetz Says:

    no, i guess there must be contact with the virus
    oral herpes is not so bad
    i read about it on wikipedia( search for herpes) but is not clear about how oral herpes is transmitted

  4. daisee12 Says:

    Herpes can be spread:
    Genital to Oral
    Oral to Genital
    Genital to Genital
    Oral to Oral
    Not all strains of the virus are STD and it IS possible to have genital herpes in the mouth and oral herpes down there…they are just marked by different strains…they are NOT one in the same.
    But if you are asking can you get herpes just by kissing someone that has genital herpes, the answer is no. They would have to have the herpes strain in their mouth for this to happen.

  5. Em Diggity Says:

    no, you can’t get it that way. be careful though, you can get it pretty easily doing sexual things, even dry sex with clothing on carries a small chance of spreading.

  6. joannieb Says:

    I one was to give oral sex to one who has genital herpes, and then kiss them, the person receiving oral sex now would in theory have oral herpes and the person administering oral sex would contact oral herpes.

  7. square one. Says:

    dont kiss someone w/ herpes
    i dont think so tho

  8. Kristian K Says:

    Absolutely not. And you can’t contract what you call oral herpes (herpes symplex 1) by giving oral sex. They are actually two different viruses. Genital herpes is Herpes Symplex 2

  9. sweet angel Says:

    i think yes because they have some kind of stuff in their mouth.

  10. chante Says:

    One must kiss the affected area, then yes, it can happen.

  11. purplewoman 86 Says:

    it can pass through contaminated saliva you might want to go get checked out

  12. Nicole B Says:

    There are 2 types of herpes, type I and type II, caused by similar but distinct viruses. Genital herpes is usually caused by type II, and oral herpes is usually caused by type I. However, it is possible to infect the mouth with type II via oral sex (e.g. a person with genital herpes receiving oral sex), and to infect the genitals with type I (e.g. by a person with herpes of the mouth giving oral sex). However, to my knowledge, it is not possible to get oral herpes by kissing the mouth of someone with genital herpes, unless the person also has oral herpes.

  13. mayflowe Says:

    If they ONLY have genital herpes, then you cannot catch oral herpes by kissing them.
    The herpes virus stays localised, which means that if they have genital herpes it can ony be caught through contact with their genitals – if you have genital to genital contact with them, then you can get genital herpes, and if you give them oral sex, there is a chance you can get oral herpes.
    However, 8 out of 10 people have oral herpes, whether they have genital herpes or not – it is a completely separate infection. So you could catch oral herpes by kissing any one of these people. Including the many people who have oral herpes as well as genital herpes – but their oral infection would be absolutely unrelated to their genital infeciton, most likely caught at a different time and caused by a different virus, hsv-1 on the mouth and hsv-2 on the genitals, for example.
    The poster before me was also wrong – if you get cold sores and you give oral sex your partner can catch genital herpes not oral herpes, because it is their genitals you have made contact with. I can vouch for this as I caught genital herpes through my partner with cold sores giving me oral sex. There does not need to be a sore present at the time – although the herpes virus is mostly dormant it sometimes activates and shows no symptoms. This is true of both oral and genital herpes infections.

  14. Rotton Candy Says:

    only if you give oral to the infected area. i have cold sores which i got when i was a baby, and if you give oral with cold sores your partner will in turn contract oral herpies

  15. halfpint Says:

    yes you can

  16. Dogs R 4 Life Says:

    No, unless they have Herpes Simplex I which is a cold sore of the mouth and the cold sore is active at the time.
    The only way you can contract herpes from someone with genital herpes is by having un protected sex with them or performing oral sex on them. Not by kissing them on the mouth.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    no you cant for you and to all the stupid people who spend hour on the comupuer and dont research anything
    genital and oral are two diferrent types of herpes
    you can get genital from sex and COMING IN CONTACT with the affected area by mouth or sexual organ
    actual any part of the body coming in contact will become affected this is type 1 herpes
    type 2 herpes is oral herpes if you have this you can not get genital herpes but if you have genital you can get oral
    you get oral by coming in contact with some one with it on their lips or sexual organ

  18. Tyrone Biggums Says:

    ral sex? never tried that. Real? Oral? Raw?

  19. amanda m Says:

    herpes is herpes, so yes

  20. Anonymous Says:


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  22. Amber S Says:

    Yeah because I think they also have sores in their mouth..

  23. jenae24_ Says:


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